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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2019

Project No.: Project No.: 16502/2019 OULK-OLK

Project title:

VISK 7 - KRAMERIUS 2018 – Protection and reformatting of the library Collections

Agency, organizing organization:

Ministry of Culture ČR


5/2019 – 12/2019

Project coordinator:

Ing. Petra Mejsnarová


Ing. Petra Mejsnarová, Mgr. Tereza Lančová

Timetable in 2019:

The intention of the Antonín Švehla Library (KAŠ) is to digitize all important agricultural journals from its own library collection. These are interest magazines (dairy, veterinary, hop-growing, wine-making, brewery) that are most required by users, and political-professional magazines, which are rarely or sporadically represented in the funds of Czech libraries. The basic criterion for the inclusion of the title for reformatting is the content aspect, as the importance for contemporary agricultural science in the field of history, economy and rural sociology. The information potential of these documents is considerable and their use will be more accessible through full-text search in digital form.

This year's magazines:

Grove: a magazine for tree farmers, gamekeepers and friends of nature (with supplements Forestry, Hunting and Fishing News, Lověna, Fishing Journal, and Household). Last year, the VISK 7 program funded the digitization of this periodical from the 1872-1900 period. Our goal is to realize the digitization of the remaining years, the period 1901-1951, including supplements.

Magazine of Czech Horticulturalists: horizones in all branches of horticulture: the department of the Horticultural Association for the Kingdom of Bohemia for the cultivation of horticulture in northeastern Bohemia, based in Jičín and the educational association of horticultural handbooks "Roezl", which was published in the period 1887-1892. It can be established as one of the most important magazines in our country focused on horticulture. However, it has not been digitized yet. Our library has all the volumes ever published in the fund.

To slow down degradation processes, these endangered books are placed in special alkaline cardboard boxes.

We continue to measure the fund's acidity to determine the potential for protecting the fund from being vulnerable to degradation of poor quality paper.


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