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Administration of procurement and contracts

  • ensures the public procurement process and methodically leads other sections, divisions and departments of IAEI in connection with the internal normative acts of IAEI,
  • is responsible for the complex legal and administrative provision of the public procurement process on the basis of factual submission and in cooperation with a proposer of procurement, including the provision of administrative service for evaluation committees,
  • if necessary, he/she processes preliminary notices about public procurement, publishes data about public procurement in the Public Procurement Bulletin, in the Electronic Marketplace, in the profile of a contracting authority and alternatively in other places in accordance with applicable legal regulations, directives and instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture and normative internal acts of IAEI,
  • fulfils the duty to archive all documentation related to the public procurement in accordance with applicable legislation, including archiving of documentation in the electronic form,
  • ensures or coordinates tasks arising from findings or requirements of regulatory and supervisory authorities in relation to the public procurement of IAEI,
  • in orders, where an external subject is entrusted with the ordering activity, he/she ensures the mutual exchange of related details, documents and communication. He/she prepares and actualizes normative internal acts of IAEI in public procurement,
  • performs tasks arising from the Departmental System of Centralized Procurement. He/she provides methodical and legal support in the participation of the organization in tender and selection processes of other tender entities,
  • trains employees of the organization in the areas of public procurement,
  • controls the Administrative Archive of Business Agreements and related activities such as publishing of agreement in the Register of Agreements according to the Act No. 340/2015 Coll., on special conditions of the effectiveness of some agreements, publication of these agreements and on the Register of Agreements,
  • ensures foreign business trips of employees of IAEI.
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