Economic Administration and Reprography

  • ensures the implementation of actions in the field of reconstruction and repair of buildings, manages and maintains all buildings and other property, provides security services, cleaning the workplace, providing of accommodation services,
  • secures and organizes the activities in the field of safety and health protection at work and fire protection, is responsible for carrying out of required inspections and controls of technical equipment and devices,
  • ensures activities of a property manager, is responsible for placement and internal transfers of property (physically and in the property evidence),
  • manages vehicle fleet, maintains records related to this activity, is responsible for the efficient use of company cars,
  • purchases fixed assets, office and health equipment, ensures activities of mail room and management of IAEI archive,
  • provides energy supply management, ensures all activities related to the purchasing of fuel, energy and water,
  • ensures and provides reprographic activities, i.e. copying and reproduction of documents, including the making of copies for client of library,
  • provides black-and-white and colour printing,
  • ensures complete binding of publications, brochures and other printed materials,
  • ensures the maintenance of copiers machines and equipment on the reprographic workplace,
  • purchases all consumables to ensure his own production, i.e. reprographics and printing activities.
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