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Economics of Agriculture and Food Industry

  • monitors and assesses the trends of national economy macroeconomic indicators that influences the development of the agrarian sector and the impact of these variables on the agrarian sector, monitors, evaluates and predicts overall economic and structural indicators of the Czech agrarian sector development and its surroundings,
  • monitors and evaluates the development of ownership relations in the agrarian sector and the restructuring process, analyses the behaviour of the business sector in agriculture in response to given or implied economic environment (allocation and use of land, capital and labour),
  • deals with the impact assessment of agricultural policy instruments on business sector in agriculture, analyses and methodologically solves the issues to identify the factors affecting economic efficiency and business competitiveness in agriculture, works on the methodology, analysis and projections of economic results of business entities in agriculture in the overall proportions and territorial sections,
  • analyses the status and trends of business structures in the food sector and its branches, trends and changes in employment and wages,
  • analyses and solves the issues related to financial-economic development and in particular the financial performance and efficiency in the food sector, in terms of its branches and clusters,
  • evaluates the position of food products and beverages production in the processing industry and national economy.
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