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Finance and Administration

The deputy of the IAEI Director for Finance and Administration is responsible for the operation of the section.

Finance and Administration:

  •  is responsible for the observation of the main principles of management of budget resources and property entrusted by law,
  • creates the conditions necessary for the function of the Budget Manager and Senior Accountant in accordance with the law Act No. 218/2000 Coll. and Act No. 320/2001 Coll.,
  • ensures a full range of transport requirements, all the administrative operation related to the operation of motor vehicle, regular operating maintenance and minor repairs maintenance for the vehicle fleet, maintenance requirements of the IAEI vehicle fleet, training of drivers in accordance with applicable regulations, documentation for any tenders in the purchase vehicles,
  • is responsible for the management and operation of information and communication technologies of the IAEI and provides technical support to users; specifies the principles and rules of computer networks administration, information systems development of IAEI, for acquisition, operation, repairs and maintenance of computer equipment and software, the development and use of telecommunications and equipment for printing activities,
  • ensures pursuant to Act No. 219/2000 Coll., on the property of the Czech Republic and its representation in legal relations, as subsequently amended, asset management and proprietary activities of the Institute, operation of objects, regular operating maintenance, fixing in IAEI buildings, planned repairs, reconstructions and investments, security service, accommodation services, material and technical supply of consumables,
  • in accordance with the internal normative acts of IAEI provides the tender procedure for the award of IAEI´s public contracts required within the activities of the section,
  • ensures the process and methodological support in the public procurement of IAEI and subsequent publication and archiving activities in accordance with applicable legal regulations, directives and instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture and normative internal acts of IAEI,
  • coordinates securing of the Administrative Archive of Business Agreements, according to the Act No. 340/2015 Coll., on special conditions of the effectiveness of some agreements, publication of these agreements and on the Register of Agreements.

The section consists of following independent unit and departments:

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