• is responsible for the management of budgetary funds by individual income and expenditure areas and organizes activities budget, directs financial flows, performs settlement with the state budget,
  • is responsible for the activities of the chief accountant, for complex accountancy, bookkeeping, accounting of assets and liabilities, revenues and expenses in total and for individual projects and tasks, economics results including the preparation of the financial statements,
  • is responsible for the data and the budget of the IAEI, monitors and ensures its balance; proposes regulations for management of budgetary funds, presents documents for the settlement with the state budget,
  • provides accounting of expenditures and evaluates the budgets of foreign projects, project budgets of NAZV, GA ČR, research projects and grants,
  • records and controls the implementation of the outcomes of thematic tasks, resources for FADN and within it the amount and drawing of contractually agreed subcontracts,
  • provides professional and administrative assistance in the preparation of the final versions of the materials that relate to budgetary issues and are designed to IAEI director for signature,
  • fulfils the tasks of budget materials administration, statistics, reporting, archiving of documentation related to all managed budgets.

The department consists of following unit:

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