• determinates the rules of development of information basement IAEI for getting, using, repairing and maintenance of ICT,
  • determinates the rules of development and using telecommunication´s resources and resources for printing,
  • determinates the rules and the principles for administration of network,
  • determines the principles of information security,
  • is responsible for administration and for information and communication operations of IAEI,
  • is responsible for organisation, technical and operational conditions for activity and good running IAEI in the relation to ICT,
  • is responsible for the activity of a property manager,
  • is responsible for placement and internal transfer of property (physically and in the property evidence),
  • guarantees implementation of physical stocktaking for IAEI in the range of ICT aktivity,
  • processes documents for investment projects in the area of information and communication technologies and materials for the selection process of external suppliers,
  • is responsible for the realization of measures to fulfil principles of information security.

The department consists of following units:

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