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Internal and Assets Administration

  • responsible for the organizational, professional, technical and operational conditions for the functioning and the overall operation of the IAEI in relation to immovable property, movable property and the operations that are related to their management, use, carrying out of cleaning and service works, ensuring with energies and the providing of leases, short term rentals, accommodation, printing,
  • is responsible for the activities of a property manager, ensures the physical inventory control of property of IAEI, is responsible for placement and internal transfers of property (physically and in the property evidence),
  • ensures the purchase of property, equipment and provision of services in the scope of activities of the department of Internal and Assets Administration,
  • responsible and provides complete documentation for the accounting asset disposals in terms of internal regulations IAEI and physical liquidation,
  • creating the organizational and professional background for creation project, planning and other documents necessary for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of investment projects, procurement and business IAEI in relation to energy, operation of company vehicles and consumables,
  • provides technology for the required tasks in the areas of education, media and conference activities,
  • responsible for drafting and organization of production of targeted publications, printed materials, fact sheets and studies,
  • in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture advisory and education center and library Anthonin Svehla sales of educational, informational and promotional materials produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and IAEI for professional and general public, both printed and on multimedia carriers,
  • implements graphic design professional journal "Zemědělská Pôdohospodárska škola", which is IAEI Publisher,
  • provides execution and registration of all correspondence, writings and agendas for the Director IAEI, equips filing agenda related to activities IAEI and ensure their archiving functionality provides a data box.

The department consists of following units:

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