Liaison Agency FADN CZ

  • provides methodical management, development and operation of the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) in the Czech Republic, regularly ensures checking of farms´ economic results in FADN network according to EU standards and methodologies, including inspection and FADN CZ data transfer to the EU in the required format, terms and quality,
  • performs the functions of the Liaison Agency FADN for the Czech Republic in relation to the EU, resulting from Council Regulation 1217/2009 and other EU legislation,
  • ensures implementation and update of the EU farm classification system in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office (CSO),
  • provides the data evaluation of Czech farm structure survey according to the EU typology in cooperation with CSO and compiles the Farm Register for the statistics needs of Czech Republic from these specific data,
  • ensures the use of FADN data for the agricultural policy tasks, research projects, in the field of agricultural advisory and other professionals of the Czech Republic,
  • solves national and international projects, thematic tasks, extraordinary and operational tasks in the field of agricultural statistics, information systems and ICT applications in agriculture,
  • maintains and develops technologies for making available information sources, their transmission and distribution,
  • cooperates to ensure the administration and operation of FADN HW, SW FADN system functioning and the development of the ICT use in the FADN system,
  • ensures an operation of individual web pages related to the activities of the Liaison Agency FADN CZ and the database web portal for public access to the FADN database,
  • in accordance with the IAEI internal normative acts provides the tender procedure for the award of IAEI´s public contracts required within the activities of the section.

The department consists of the following units:

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