Modelling of Agricultural Policy

  • deals with the topic of soil valuation with respect to its key characteristics: soil quality, climatic conditions, energy and environmental context of its evaluation and follows the agricultural land usage,
  • provides the collection of information about the land market and analyses it in terms of the functioning principles of its individual segments, price trends and policy impacts,
  • follows the sphere of the financial market in relation to the agrarian sector, capital profitability issues, the state interventions degree and specific forms of capital support inflow into agriculture,
  • provides research, development and application of economic-mathematical model (EM) for analysis and simulation of the trends in the agrarian sector, farms and rural development,
  • develops sectorial, regional and territorial EM, adjusts external EM for simulation of the development trends in agricultural sector and rural areas in the Czech Republic with respect to the scenarios CAP and other EU and national policies,
  • formulates mathematical models of standardised farms to simulate the behaviour of different farm types with respect to different scenarios of the agricultural policy,
  • participates in international projects aimed at the development of unified modelling apparatus developed for the single European market, which simulate the effects of the Common Agricultural Policy on Agriculture and Rural development of individual EU Member States.
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