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Monitoring of Agrarian Foreign Trade

Analysis of Czech Agrarian Foreign Trade (AFT) is carried out in IAEI quarterly. AFT is analyzed from the territorial and from the commodity viewpoint, and it is a year-to-year comparison primarily. Foreign trade monitoring is presented as commented tables supplemented by graphs (in Czech only).

Since 2016, there have been published two types of reports - shorter for the first quarters and the first three quarters while longer for the half years and the whole years.

  • PDF files „p“ – shorter or longer reports, depending on the monitored period

Till 2015, there were published only the longer reports.

  • ZIP files “z” - texts in MS Word, as well tables and charts in MS Excel


year/Q   01    02    03    04 
2017 p      
2016 p p p
2015 z z z z
2014 z z z z
2013 z z z z
2012 z z z z
2011 z z z z
2010 z z z z
2009 z z z z
2008 z z z z
2007 z z z z
2006 z z z z
2005 z z z z

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