• is responsible for the implementation of informational, educational programs and multimedia outputs according to the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and IAEI, production of copies of selected titles on DVD; manages film and video archive of MoA,
  • technically ensures conferences, seminars and other informative and educational events co-organized by the MoA and IAEI,
  • creates conditions for the operation and use of interpreter, sound and projection technology,
  • is responsible for editorial and organizational securing of publications, print materials, informational booklets and studies production as required by IAEI and MoA, sectorial and selected organizations,
  • provides for the creation and production of large format and cut graphics as required by IAEI and MoA,
  • provides sale of training, informational and promotional materials produced by the IAEI and MoA designated to professional and general public, both printed and on multimedia carriers,
  • implements all the editorial and publishing activities related to sale of vocational magazine Agriculture School (Zemedelska Podohospodarska skola), which is IAEI publisher,
  • organizes and implements support of IAEI presentation at exhibitions, promotions and special events.
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