Office of Director

  • fulfils the role of the administrative and technical background for performance of IAEI Director,
  • ensures the execution and registration of all correspondence, files and agendas designated to IAEI Director, deals with agenda of files related to the activities of IAEI and ensures its archiving,
  • monitors the performance of the tasks and handles all the tasks arising from the activities and instructions of IAEI´s Director,
  • provides standpoints, complex analysis and other documentation of professional and legal issues for the needs of IAEI Director,
  • provides a legal support for IAEI´s professional departments in their professional activities,
  • provides and co-ordinates preparation of IAEI´s internal normative acts and individual managing acts of the IAEI Director, keeps its records,
  • checks and comments contracts´ proposals and agreements from the legal part (except labour contracts and agreements),
  • searches for suitable national and international projects and administers IAEI´s employees involvement into their solutions,
  • provides documents for administration of IAEI national and international research projects, workshops, project´s international meetings,
  • prepares factual documents for intranet and website of IAEI and collaborates on editorial and technical processing of summary output, publishing and printing activities of IAEI, electronic processing of print originals published in various editions of IAEI.
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