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Operational Analysis and International Cooperation

  • provides problem-oriented analyses, studies and reports for the needs of the Ministry of Agriculture (especially tasks from the meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture),
  • monitors and analyses important structural changes in the agrarian sector, trends, opportunities, assumptions and implications,
  • analyses expected impacts of legislative changes and changes in the economic policy of the government,
  • directly responds to activist interventions of non-governmental organizations – provides expert opinions,
  • evaluates consequences of actions and decisions of institution of the EU and Ministry of Agriculture,
  • provides quick and additional information to current topics,
  • participates in working groups and operational meetings for decision-making of the Minister of Agriculture, communicates with advisors of the Minister of Agriculture,
  • cooperates with non-governmental organizations, communicates with the board of agricultural practice,
  • institutionalizes international relationships with IAEI, coordinates involvement and persistence of IAEI in international scientific, research and university networks,
  • systematically and continually communicates with foreign partners and searches for new partners in order to increase know how of IAEI,
  • ensures valuation of information and experience from business trips abroad.
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