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Territorial Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas

  • focuses on issues of socio-economic development of rural areas, especially in relation to changes in their production and business structure, and other factors such as accessibility, etc. Focuses on differentiation of regional economic and social development of these areas,
  • provides an analysis of the impact of relevant policies (e.g. CAP - Rural Development Programme, cohesion policy and national and regional policies) in rural areas and regions. For this purpose, develops a conceptual framework based on a combination of quantitative methods (models) and qualitative methods,
  • participates in the preparation of documents for regionally differentiated measures to support the development of rural areas,
  • collects information on regional aspects of land use and natural and socio-economic conditions including the definition of disadvantaged areas in the geographical classification and provides relevant analysis in order to record regionally specific problems or uneven development.
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