IAEI - Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information


Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (IAEI) is state-subsidized organization established by Ministry of Agriculture on 1. January 1993.

Tax: CZ00027251

IAEI is the expert centre for the agricultural economy, food, agricultural advice and information. In 2012, the Institute celebrated 100 years since the founding.

IAEI is also the Library of Antonin Svehla, which is the third largest specialist library in the world.

IAEI is an expert institute in economics, food and agriculture, and to the extent the economy and sociology in the sectors of agriculture and food.


The main activities of IAEI:

  • basic and applied research and development in the field of agricultural economics and policy, including the development of the multifunctional character of agriculture and rural development and the dissemination of results through teaching, publishing and other forms of transmission of knowledge;
  • a comprehensive security service for the Ministry of Agriculture and other civil service;
  • the function of the Liaison Agency FADN CZ, create and manage network testing business compatible with the EU and the Organization of sample surveys in the agri-food sector (on the basis of the EU Council Regulation 79/65/EEC, as amended by 1. 11.2003);
  • through Agricultural Consulting-Training Center and a Library of Antonin Svehla:
    • ensuring function of the counseling and training center for agriculture, food and rural development;
    • provision of library, information and reference services;
  • advice by professional organizations, businesses and international organizations in the scope of its activities.


The director of IAEI: Ing. Štěpán Kala, MBA, Ph.D.

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