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Internal research projects - year 2013

Project No.: 1274

Project title:

Accelerating innovation processes in the food industry for competitive advantage in the next period: Strengthening cooperation and effectiveness of factors (Mezera)

Head of project:

JUDr. Ing. Josef Mezera, CSc.


Ing. Eva Rusňáková, MSc., Ing. Martin Plášil, Ph.D., Ing. Jindřich Špička, Ph.D., Ing. Martin Hruška, Ing. Václav Vilhelm, CSc.


The main objective is to evaluate the effects of support from the Rural Development Programme (RDP) on innovative activities in the food industry, in particular, whether they improve the economic situation of the supported enterprises. The first partial task is to identify trends in science and research in the food industry, the market orientation of sector, marketing and food business structure. The second partial task is to evaluate the innovations’ support in the food businesses by using financial and non-financial indicators.

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

The project builds on previous research of the team in the food economy and also directly on the research project on the effectiveness of the support aiming to add value to agricultural production, which was conducted in 2012 by same team. The starting point of the project will be literature review, focusing on various related research projects and their findings. Also, subcontracting will be used. As the main methodological tool will be used qualitative analysis of those projects, which were submitted under the sub measure I. 1.3.2. The projects' details should be provided by the MoA and should contain all the necessary information about the cooperation of the bodies and transfer of science and research. At the same time, the information will be supplemented by a pilot field survey in selected enterprises by using questionnaire survey and interviews. Subsequently the counterfactual analysis will follow, in which food firms that were supported from the RDP sub measure I. 1.3.2 and non-supported firms in the time period 2007-2011 will be compared. Data for the analysis will be obtained mainly from the MoA, statistical surveys of the CZSO and Eurostat.

Outputs and their use:

Recommendations for strategic solutions for the preparation of Agriculture and Rural Development Plan 2014 +.

Paper in peer - reviewed journal, resp. contribution to the conference.

Link to the project "The performance and efficiency of the food production and beverages".

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