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Internal research projects - year 2013

Project No.: 1270

Project title:

Factors affecting subsidy funds using from Rural Development Program 2007-2013 - Axis III and IV (Trantinová)

Head of project:

Ing. Marie Trantinová, Ph.D.


Ing. Jaroslav Pražan, Ing. Marie Štolbová, CSc., Ing. Zuzana Bednaříková, Ph.D., Ing. Jakub Kučera, Ing. Tomáš Hlavsa, Ph.D., Andrea Čapkovičová, MSc., Mgr. Jiří Hrabák, Bc. Miloslav Delín


To find out what mostly affects the use of subsidy funds of Axis III and IV of the Rural Development Program 2007-2013.

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

Analysis continues on discovered knowledge that will be processed in a literature review. Based on the factors affecting rural development from a literature review will be made the collection of statistical data and their subsequent exploratory analysis. The literature review will also be a basis for the methodology specification and hypotheses formulation. Selected statistical methods will be compared to identify factors. (e.g. principal component analysis, regression analysis, etc.). The partial aim is the construction of the summary indicator for territorial units that specify the units and there will be taken the selection of model regions with regards to peripheral and stabilized areas.

Following half-structured interviews with identified stakeholders help to explain the statistical obtained results, which affect subsidy funds using from the measures of Axis III and IV, Rural Development Program for 2007-2013.

At the same time there will be developed the permanent platform for rural development, where a number of institutions will be addressed in the Czech Republic and the EU with a partial aim - they promote cooperation and share experiences with rural development.

Outputs and their use:

Methodological practices can contribute to the validation of statistical methods for the design of comprehensive evaluation and categorization of regions. The outputs will be also specialized maps that can help with visualization of results.

The factor identification enables better “harmonization” and policy aiming in rural development at the whole national and regional level. It can help to review effects of rural development policy and it gives a basis for future preparing of rural development.

Outputs will be suitable to spare by using National Rural Network (MoA), where can be created communication platforms of rural development with discussion about better support aiming with overlap in rural development.

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