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Internal research projects - year 2013

Project No.: 1271

Project title:

Potential of development of farmer in the local development (Konečná)

Head of project:

Ing. Marta Konečná


Ing. Jaroslav Pražan, Ing. Marie Trantinová, Ph.D., Ing. Klára Čámská, Ph.D.


Project will discover detail structure of social network in chosen localities by the method snow ball.

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

In several case studies there will be observed the social network of the farmers with focus on their impact on the local development. Localities for the case studies will be based on outcomes from the project IVP 1265/2012.

Outputs and their use:

The outcomes should help for setting suitable criteria of agricultural support for rural development. Identification of context of social relationships and the features of the active farmers will help to improve targeting of the rural development policy at national as well as regional level.

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