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Internal research projects - year 2013

Project No.: 1281

Project title:

Prediction of the Czech agricultural sector results on the basis of FADN database (Hloušková)

Head of project:

Ing. Zuzana Hloušková


Ing. Michaela Lekešová, Ing Eduard Slížka, Ing. Jiří Dubec, Ph.D.


To create a tool suitable for estimating of the annual economic performance of the agricultural sector of the Czech Republic resulting in particular estimates of the income and its components.

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

  • To analyze processes as an individual phases of the results estimation, including the software requirements for certain calculations;
  • Statistical analysis of FADN data to determine the variables important for the calculation of income estimation;
  • Information base of the external sources to determine indexes, especially in terms of quality, quantity and time availability;
  • Sources: FADN.

Outputs and their use:

  • Annual informative benefit of the estimated results for the public;
  • Presentation at a professional conference or seminar;
  • An article in a scientific journal.
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