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Internal research projects - year 2013

Project No.: 1277

Project title:

Space modeling of economic, ecological and agro-environmental conditions of Czech type farms in conditions of the future CAP (Foltýn)

Head of project:

RNDr. Ivan Foltýn, CSc.


Ing. Ida Zedníčková, doc. Ing. Tomáš Doucha, CSc., Ing. Jaroslav Humpál, Ing. Jakub Kučera, Ing. Marie Trantinová, Ph.D., Ing. Václav Voltr, CSc.


The goal of the project is to develop the new modeling apparatus of the space optimization of agricultural enterprises (the model FARMA-6) and to create its fully used application in the optimizing system GAMS. The main innovation compared to the till now using models is spatial (geographical) interpretation of a farm by the form of the hectare net (or the net of farm blocks) and its location in the agricultural area in the Czech Republic.

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

The model FARMA-6 will be developed for simulations of economic and ecological aspects of the farm type (which illustrate different production-economic conditions) oriented on both classical and specific agricultural production. For every element of the net there will be defined technical, economical and other parameters and constraints which will enable optimal using of the each hectare of the farm. The model FARMA-6 further enables applying different supposed CAP variants on type farms with economic, ecological and agro-environmental impacts of these policies.

Outputs and their use:

Output of the Internal Research Project 1277 will be a paper in the quality journal (lectured or impacted) and there is planned a research study on economic-mathematical aspects of the model FARMA-6 and its usage for impact simulations of agrarian policies and rural development.

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