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Internal research projects - year 2013

Project No.: 1278

Project title:

The issue of support for less favored areas (Štolbová)

Head of project:

Ing. Marie Štolbová, CSc.


Ing. Jakub Kučera, Ing. Tomáš Hlavsa, Ph.D., Ing. Jaroslav Humpál, Ing. Michaela Lekešová, Ing. Martin Hruška, Mgr. Jiří Hrabák, doc. Ing. Tomáš Doucha, CSc.


To improve LFA delimitation in the Czech Republic in an EU context, to process the methodology for determining the impact of natural constraints into the economy of farms.

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

Application proposals and recommendations on the conditions of the Czech Republic, gather the data and their subsequent exploratory analysis, processing of alternative solution approaches and verification of their impacts. Research studies and methodology of JRS EU consultation with scientists and researchers from the Czech Republic and abroad, database IAEI, MA, CZSO, SAIF, LPIS will be used as a source for solution.

Outputs and their use:

Proposal for the future LFA delimitation and proposals for compensation of farms in these regions farming. The results will feed into the preparation of the RDP and in task No. 4213/2013.

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