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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2020

Project No.: MK-S 3455/2020 OULK

Project title:

VISK 3 – Implementation of a payment gateway in Antonín Švehla Library


Ministry of Culture Czech Republic


5/2020 – 12/2020

Project coordinator:

Mgr. Jan Doboš


Mgr. Jan Doboš


Mgr. Jan Doboš, Mgr. Eliáš Škrdlant, PhDr. Veronika Synková, Ph.D.

Timetable in 2020:

The main objective of the project is functional payment gateway running in the system Aleph and Primo, which allows users to pay fees associated with the services of the library in the form of online payment. The supplier implements scripts that ensure the communication of library systems (Aleph, Primo) with the payment gateway and allow users logged in under their user accounts in a secure manner (https protocol) to pay fees. The payment will then be reflected in the user's account in the Aleph library system.




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