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Farm Accountancy Data Network CR

The Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) is an instrument for evaluating the income of agricultural holdings and the impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy. The aim of the network is to gather accountancy data from farms for the determination of incomes and business analysis of agricultural holdings. Derived from national surveys, the FADN is the only source of microeconomic data that is harmonized, i.e. the bookkeeping principles are the same in all countries.

Liaison Agency FADN CZ is responsible for carrying out the FADN survey by collecting every year accountancy data from a sample of the agricultural holdings in the Czech Republic.

The concept of the FADN in the Czech Republic was launched in 1995 and the Liaison Agency FADN CZ was established by the decision of the Minister in 2003. Liaison Agency FADN CZ is guided by a National FADN Committee.

Liaison Agency FADN CZ selects holdings to take part in the survey on the basis of the selection plans and it coordinates methodologically and organizationally its implementation. The survey does not cover all the agricultural holdings in the Czech Republic but only those which due to their size could be considered commercial. The weighting system is used to generalize sample results to the whole population of the agricultural holdings.

Liaison Agency FADN CZ coordinates the collection of the data from the surveyed farms. Data, consisting of production, structural and financial variables, are collected in questionnaire for each holding. Currently, the annual sample covers approximately 1.700 holdings.

At present, the Liaison Agency FADN CZ operates the Farm Accountancy Data Network fulfilling all the functions in relation to the European Union. The Czech Liaison Agency provides FADN data to experts either in the form of publication or through electronic media. Furthermore, Liaison Agency takes part in the national and international projects in the field of economics of the agricultural sector, information systems and agricultural statistics. The statistical methods are used to test the representativity of the FADN CZ sample and to analyze data validity.

Liaison Agency FADN CZ operates the FADN servers including also the maintenance of the hardware and FADN database administration. Furthermore, it ensures the operating and maintenance of the public accessible FADN database.

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